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One of the most crucial elements of a successful move is proper packing of items. Just imagine your precious decoration items or that beautiful vintage painting falling prey to the poor planning efforts of someone who assured you of no damage. You obviously wouldn’t want that under any circumstances. Even the thought of it drives you nuts. Doesn’t it?

That speaks for itself how important and essential the aspect of packing is for your move. On top of that, packing becomes more significant when we talk about the different stages of the move i.e. before moving, during the move and post move. Not just that, the material used to pack the wide variety of items needs immense attention. Everything can’t be packed in recycled boxes like many companies are known to work things out when moving your household or office items.

Our team members are expert at packing all types of items i.e. from heavy machinery, to routine items of use to fragile items. We use specifically designed brand new boxes and protective material that can withstand any force or climatic condition during transit.

What do our packing services cover?

Since we have been in the business of both household and commercial moves since years, we are equipped to pack items for:

  • House move
  • Office move
  • International move
  • Factory relocation
  • Warehouse relocation

Or any type of bulk disposal.

We use special protective material including shock resistant bubble wrapping, custom wrapping, made-to-measure crates and a range of cartons, protective pads or bags, etc.

Here’s how we plan packing of your items

  • Pre-packing phase
    For certain moves like large scale industrial shifting, we aim to pack items before we transport them. Even in case of a house move, we pack several furniture items in advance because they won’t be required during the transit period. At the same time, we leave the routine items unsealed so you can easily access them whenever needed.Our goal is to ensure that most of the items are packed well before time so you can move without any delay.
  • Unpacking phase
    Should you choose to book, have us on board to help you with unpacking after your reach your destination. Normally after a hectic journey and days of being restless, you probably would appreciate if someone, an expert like us, helps you with unpacking, thus, leaving you to enjoy the experience of shifting to a different place.Simply tell us where you want each item and let us do the rest so you can relax and enjoy even if it’s a late night arrival to the new destination.
  • Partial packing
    On certain occasions you might require some, not all support with packing. We prove to be your great friends here as well. Let us handle the packing of your complicated and fragile items while you take care of packing the routine stuff. In doing so, together we shorten the packing phase.The same goes for unpacking as well. We can team up there on the same note.For reliable packing of your items and a friendly hand to unpack them upon reaching your new location,Β contact usΒ today.