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The thought of entering into a new culture, probably different lifestyle or perhaps a need to learn a new language is enough to make your move to a new country quite stressful and overwhelming. And when youโ€™re moving with the family, the responsibility increases to a hundredfold in terms of having everything under control. We understand you canโ€™t do that alone even when youโ€™re super smart and a savvy organizer. We are here to make your transition as easy as possible.

Since you have a lot of questions in your mind relating to the new place, its rules and regulations and a whole bunch of requirements, we address your each and every concern. Our consultants plan, lead and carry out your move from beginning to end so you donโ€™t need to deal with any hassle yourself. Not just that, our process of undertaking your international move is systematic enough that we provide you status reports and tracking sheets until you with all your items reach your new location. With that you clearly know where your belongings are in different phases of the move.

At Yes Mover our teams are expert at ensuring that all your belongings remain safe throughout the move and end up reaching securely.

What do we cover?

  • Road Transport โ€“ย for items that are convenient to be transferred by road
  • Sea freight โ€“ย for large volume shipments to anywhere across the globe
  • Air freight โ€“ย for urgent shipments that require a fast transit time

Through these three channels, we transfer all types ofย household items, large furniture, moving vehicles, fragile items, commercial goods, office equipmentย and a lot more.

How do we handle all the aspect of your international move?

  • We begin with detailed planning of your move since a lot of elements go into the process like visa, passport, power of attorney and the like. The processing of these documents take anywhere from two to three weeks, therefore, we are mindful of taking account of them when creating the schedule for your move
  • Our team of experts takes an all-inclusive approach to carry out your move. According to the plan, they will visit your home, office ย or factory for initial assessment that is followed by an account manager specifically assigned to stay on premises or making daily visits as long as everything is ready to be moved
  • Once an account manager is assigned to your move, the process begins including packaging, ย storing and moving according to the timelines
  • Meanwhile we keep addressing all your queries so you enjoy peace of mind
  • Once you reach your final destination, our team helps you unpack your belongings and organize everything so you are ready to catch up with your routine without any delay

Be assured that we look after all documentation and processing in addition to overseeing the clearance at customs. Furthermore, our global network partners monitor your shipments and arrange for transportation at your new destination.

Still on the fence?ย Donโ€™t delay butย contact usย today for a stress-free move.